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Welcome to the Second Story!


Please check my Wiki page frequently for homework, test dates, special events and announcements. I will be updating this page at least once a week.

The week of 4/9:

This week's homework will include a nightly math page. We will have math homework unless we are launching a chapter or have had a test that day. In IXL, your child should be working through sections E, F, G, and H, and any other sections your student is interested in.

The main Spelling words are: root, crew, spoon, few, bloom, grew, room, you, stew, boost, scoop, flew, zoo, noon, shampoo, balloon. The alternate list is: talk, cross, awful, law, cloth, cost, crawl, chalk, also, raw, salt, wall, lawn, always, shampoo, balloon. There will be a Spelling test on Friday and 20 points in the Spelling Contract will be due also.

Please make every effort to turn in Keepsake book pages before they begin to accumulate. Let me know if you need new copies.

Wish List: glue sticks, white and colored cardstock, easy US and World puzzles, sandwich bags, gallon ziplock bags, pretzels, bandaides

Don't forget that Reading Logs are due every Monday.

Your child should complete 20 minutes of IXL weekly. I check the minutes from Monday to the following Monday. Let me know if you have any difficulties signing on this week. I will not start checking times until next week or when everyone is signed on and good to go. The first grade level has a good progressing system for learning math facts.

Dates to Remember:
3/2 Code of Arms was due.
4/20 Scholastic Book order due
4/26 Spring Class Trip
5/4 May Crowning Mass and Breakfast, 8:30

Please bring a water bottle every day.

Sacrament Information:

It's going to be an exciting year as your student moves up to 2nd grade and the 2nd floor of St. Anne School! It is a special sacramental year so as you can imagine, there are preparations to be made. Please contact the DRE of your parish to register your child in the Reconciliation and First Eucharist programs. You should receive a schedule of dates for meetings, retreats, rehearsals and the actual Reconciliation and First Eucharist events. I will need the dates and times scheduled for your child's Reconciliation and First Eucharist at your parish. Please send me an email as soon as you have a date and time for both sacraments.

Meanwhile, the 2nd grade will be focusing on the sacraments here in the classroom. We will be making a Keepsake book to be presented to your child at the May Crowning Mass. Stay tuned for Keepsake book assignments that will be coming home in your child's Homework Folder during the year.

The May Crowning Mass is a big event for the 2nd graders. At this point, the Mass is scheduled for May 4th at 8:30. Please plan to attend. Your child will wear their communion clothes or church appropriate clothes to celebrate both their sacraments and Our Mother Mary. Lifetouch will be available for pictures. Your child will receive their Keepsake Books at this time.

Please record, or have your child record their reading on a daily basis. Your child should be reading 15-20 minutes 5 times a week. The Reading Log is due every Monday.

We are using monthly Spelling Contracts for nightly spelling homework. We will keep these contracts in the plastic folder with pockets and paper fasteners which was listed in the 2nd grade supply list. The written work can be completed in the Spelling Journal. There are some choices on the contract that cannot be written in the Spelling Journal. Please initial and date these choices on your child's contract and send it back on Friday. Please have your child pick 4 choices for practicing spelling words each week or fulfill 20 points. If we have a four day week, your child only needs to fulfill 15 points. Everyone's spelling words will be written in their agendas every Monday. There will be a Spelling Test on Friday or the last day of the week.

Special Schedule for 2017/18:

Monday: Computer
Tuesday: Library
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: Music, Art
Friday: Spanish

Clearly label all your child's gym clothes and uniform sweaters.

Second Grade Curriculum at a Glance:

In Religion, we will continue to learn about Scripture, the Creed, Holy Mass and the Sacraments. We will discuss the Ten Commandments and extend our understanding of prayer. Of course, the big focus will be receiving the Sacraments, Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Together with their families, the students will make a Keepsake Book for this year.

Our math classes will focus on meeting Math Fact benchmarks as well as addition and subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers, time, fractions, measurement, problem solving and the reading of and recording of data.

In Language Arts we will be zeroing in on comprehension, which will include making inferences, deciding what is fact or opinion, and finding the main idea of a paragraph. The writing workshops will focus on narrative, persuasion, informative and descriptive writing. We will have a weekly spelling test with corresponding phonics and grammar lessons.

Social Studies will include a famous American poster project, Flat Stanley letter writing, map reading, community and government.

Science will include land forms, habitats, a study of the moon and systems within the body.