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All About Math

Parents may email me at: jacksonyv@stannelancaster.org
Students may email me at the following: jacksonyv@stannelancasterpa.org

The IXL due date is Wednesday due to the holidays. Assignments will change on Wednesday. Go to IXL.com

IXL Assignment: Students are to achieve 80% on two of the IXL sections assigned. IXL assignments will change on Wednesday
5th Grade-K.4, K.3
6th Grade- K.4, K.5
7th Grade- L.7, L.8
8th Grade- O.6, O.12

Week of March 5th. Our goals this week are:

5th Grade- We are working on changing fractions to their Least Common Multiples and Denominators and will be continuing to add and subtract fractions. On Wednesday, there will be a quiz on the LCD and GCF. There is a Math Minutes quiz planned for Friday.
6th Grade- The sixth grade is continuing to work on dividing fractions as well as mixed numbers. There will be a quiz on this material on Wednesday. The Chapter test on dividing fractions is planned for Friday, but will be held off if we have another snow day. The Math Minutes quiz will be a week from Monday due to our trip to LCHS .
7th Grade- Seventh grade is finishing their project work on percents on Tuesday this week. There will be a Math Minutes quiz on Thursday. There will be a Chapter test on Wednesday.
8th Grade- The eighth grade is continuing their work with polygons, angles and other geometry concepts. This unit is more hands on and we will be doing some project work to help learn the information. There is a Chapter test scheduled for Monday, March 26th. There is a Math Minutes quiz scheduled for Friday.

Religion- We are finishing Chapter 20 in the Chosen book which focuses on the Beatitudes and how they help us build a happy life. The next chapter will focus on virtue which will tie into our study of the virtue of the month, Justice.

Fifth Grade-Check out this video on LCM and LCD. video on LCM and LCD

Homework may be found on our Google calendar.
Fifth and Sixth grade click on this link:

Seventh and Eighth grade click on this link:

Academic Study Hall (subject to change)

Mr. Traphagen- Monday
Mr. Kennedy-Tuesday
Mrs. Jackson-Wednesday
Mrs. Peluso-Thursday

Seventh and Eighth Grade-click on this link to see a video on ratios:

8th Grade Specials Schedule:(Starting week of 9/11)
Monday: Spanish 9:10-10:00

Tuesday: Computer/Art 10:00- 10:50

Wednesday: Gym 9:10-10:00

Thursday: Stem 1:10-2:00

Friday: Spanish 8:20-9:10
Music 1:10-2:00

Click and view!
Saint John Paul II video: Perhaps I love you more!

Check these videos out!

Integer Addition and Subtraction Music Video

Mathantics Home

Angles Music Video

We followed the diocesan curriculum at St. Anne School which can be found on the Diocesan website Diocescan Curriculum

Adding and Subtracting Integers
  • Find the absolute values of each integer.
  • Same sign add. Keep the sign.
  • Different sign subtract. Sign of the larger.

  • Turn it into addition