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What to expect this year...

Lots of fun and learning!

Religion- We are starting the Religion Facts program this year. At the beginning of Religion class we will focus on one fact about our faith. Each night thr purple folder will come home to study and memorize the fact of the day and review the previous days facts. When we have 5 facts the students will have a quiz on those 5 facts. As the year goes on we will increase the number of facts. Please do not save all the memorizing on the night before the quiz! Teach them some study skills and how to study a little each night. Making index cards would be a great way to help them study!

Math-Facts, facts, facts. Students will experience a great deal of success in the future if they memorize their facts now. Math Boot Camp will take place every day. Students will progress through Boot Camp at their own speed. This is something that should be reviewed every night. Flash cards are a great easy way to practice. We will eventually move on to subtraction, multiplication and division.

Handwriting- cursive writing will be practiced and used

Spelling- Spelling Contracts will be used again this year. Tests will not be the traditional dictation. On test day they will be given a paper with 20 sentences, Each sentence will contain a spelling word that is misspelled. They will have to spell the word correctly. This allows for many different spelling list to be given. Your child may not have the same list as someone else. A pretest will be given to determine your child's appropriate list.

Reading- We will be using the Journeys series this year. This is the year where we practice all the skills that have been taught. Daily reading is very important. Home Reading Journals will be used to support daily reading.

Specials 2017-2018
Tuesday-PE & Art
Thursday- Music
Friday- Spanish