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Hello and Welcome to gym! I am Mrs. Bechtold and this is my eleventh year teaching at St. Anne's and my ninth year teaching as a Physical Education teacher. I was born and raised in Lancaster County. I went to St. Joseph's elementary school and I then went to Lancaster Catholic High School. I was a personal trainer and fitness instructor at Hempfield Recreation Center where I received my license in "Kids and Teens" fitness. I am married and have three girls. My oldest daughter went through St. Anne's and Lancaster Catholic. She attended college and is now attending grad school for Physical Therapy. My second daughter attended St. Anne's as well and is now a sophomore in high school at Lancaster Catholic. My youngest daughter is in eighth grade at St. Anne's. I taught my daughter and her class since preschool, so this year will be a hard to say goodbye to them. As you can see I am a big advocate for Catholic Education.

I think I have the best job in the world. Everyday I get to teach about fitness, health, and nutrition and its importance in our daily lives. My favorite part of my job is watching my students learn and grow. I try to do my best to engage everyone's interest, so that everyone can have fun!


  • K-2: loco-motor skills, tag games, spacial awareness
  • 3-5: sports skills, physical fitness skills, team games
  • 6-8: soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, floor hockey, etc.

I also do a player of the day program for k-4 grade which is a program where I reward the child, group of kids, or even the whole class that listens, helps out, and shows sportsmanship. Their reward is getting to pick a game for the class to play for half of the next gym class. The 5-8 grades get rewarded with earning the last ten minutes of gym class to play an activity of their choice.

I am excited to start a new year at St. Anne's School! I know its going be a great year of Physical Education!

God Bless,

Mrs. Bechtold