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Welcome to 5th-8th Grade Social Studies:
Most communication will come in the form of E-mails or Google Classroom. Agendas and most assignments will be posted on the calendar for students by Sunday night of every week.

The Homework and Long Term Assignments Calendar can be found on our Google Calendar.
-If your child is in 5th or 6th grade (Intermediate Level) please use this site:

-If your child is in 7th or 8th grade (Junior High Level) please use this site:

Mr. Kennedy's Contact Information- KennedyLi@StAnneLancaster.org

Please contact me immediately if there are any issues or concerns.

Current Monthly Topics (March/April)5th Grade: Greece / India6th Grade: Country Study: Mexico / South America7th Grade: Constitution / A New Nation8th Grade: Progressive Movement / WWI
Quizlets for the Following Classes:Ancient Civilization=



Early U.S.https://quizlet.com/join/JYK7WhyFF

Modern U.S.

2018 NHD: Conflict & Compromise
The NHD Theme for 2018: Conflict & Compromise!!! (click left for website)
NHD Theme Book 2018
NHD HELP!!(informational webinar)

NHD Minnesota (click left for video) has created a video to help explain the new rules for captions and citations.

Tentative Timeline for NHD 2018

Week 1 Powerpoint on Primary & Secondary Sources

Link to MLA Bibliography, In-Text Citation Information: Purdue Owl Writing Lab MLA Guide

Fantasy Politics / Current Events:

5th Grade: As we grow in our understanding of the world around us and become civically engaged citizens, learning what happens in the news is very important.

6th, 7th, 8th Grade: Now that you have gotten the hang of doing Current Events from previous years, we are going to mix it up with a Fantasy Football style game. You will get to draft states and earn points based on what is discussed about them in the news. Please see the attached file for more information.

~MLA Citation Guide-

5th Grade Religion Facts
If your child is absent or needs extra studying with their Religion Facts, please feel free to use these. Please click below for each set.

Religion Facts: Sets 11-15

Quizlet Link for Religion Class

5th Grade Specials (updated as of Oct. 17, 2017)
Monday-Spanish 8:20-9:10
Tuesday-Gym 8:20-9:10
Wednesday- Group A Computer 9:10-10:00 / Library 10:00-10:50; Group B Library 9:10-10:00 / Computer 10:00-10:50
Thursday- Art 8:20-9:10
Friday- STEM 9:10-10:00 / Music 11:40-12:30

5th Grade Lunch/Recess (updated as of Aug.30, 2017)

12:30-1:10 Lunch-12:30-12:55/Recess-12:55-1:10