Welcome To 4th Grade!
When you take a simple step inside this 4th grade door,
do not be surprised if you grow a little more.

In addition to the daily homework below, students are required to read at least 15 minutes each night (Minimum of 60 min. per week), submit their reading log & due every Monday (or Tuesday if school is closed Monday) & STUDY RELIGION FACTS NIGHTLY!

DAILY HOMEWORK: Week of March 12-16

MONDAY: Math WB pg. 118

TUESDAY: Math WB pg. 119

WEDNESDAY: See above & below

THURSDAY: Math WB pg. 120

FRIDAY: Any catch up reading or work for the week? See Below!

  • Animal Project due (Monday, March 19)
  • Religion Facts Quiz (Next Thursday)
  • Reading/Spelling Tests (Next Friday)
  • Religion Chapter 15 Quiz (Tuesday, March 27)

Bring back Friday Folders with Tests/Quizzes Signed by Parents & Reading Log (60 min.) signed. See above

  • Please return Friday Folders with all tests & quizzes signed........Thank You
  • Chapter Book is due for the month of March/April by Monday, April 30. Weekly Logs are still due unless told otherwise.

Wednesday---Computer---10:50-11:40 & (STEM 1:10-2:00)
Thursday---Art---10:00-10:50 & Gym---2:00-2:45

March News & Notes:

Please remember to return Friday Folders (when sent home) with your child first thing Monday morning with your signatures on all tests. In addition, please check over and make sure your child is reading the minimum weekly requirement, marking when and how much he or her read that day and be sure to sign either each day read or once at the end of the week ( when assigned). Not doing any of the above will result in turning one in the following week (while others may not) as well as owing Mr. Beck a Beck Buck.

Most information you need to keep up with the classroom can be located on this page. However, please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions or concerns you may have. Looking forward to a productive and successful year with the 4th graders. Thank you for your support and all that you do as your child's number one educator!

The following are topics the 4th grade class will be engaging in this month:

Religion: RELIGION FACTS!, Sacrament of Reconciliation, The Commandments & Forgiveness, Lent, Holy Week & Easter

Language Arts: vocabulary, spelling, building comprehension, journal writing, handwriting, Informational Text, main ideas & supporting details, author's word choice, poetry & rhyme, context clues, multiple meaning words, irregular verbs, past & present tense, to persuade, facts & details & to continue to use reference materials like dictionaries & thesaurus

Math: MATH FACTS!, finish dividing bigger numbers with & without remainders, what is the better buy based on unit cost, mean, start Geometry concepts

Science: Finish Animal Classification Unit & start Weather Unit

Social Studies: Finish Government Unit & start Civil War as it pertains to PA unit