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Miss Baker's Contact Information
St. Anne Email: bakerbe@stannelancaster.orgGmail (for student work): bakerbe@stannelancasterpa.org


Week of May 7-11th: This week 5, 7, and 8th Grades have spelling. 6th Grade has their last vocabulary unit. All tests will be this Friday, May 18th.

Last Reading Journal is due on Monday, May 21st!
blue-pencil-hi.png 7th grade: will begin a short story called "Hollywood and the Pits" and will complete a packet, research online, and will write a professional letter of inquiry
Religion - 7th Grade has completed the CHOSEN book for the year and will pick back up with it in 8th grade. They will finish Ch. 22 in their original textbook and are also learning the mysteries of the Rosary, on which they will be quizzed.

blue-pencil-hi.png 8th grade: is working on a unit on The Outsiders. All reading should be completed. Assignment packets are due on Friday. We are watching the movie and completing a movie assignment in class.

blue-pencil-hi.png 6th grade: is reading Sounder, and will complete a research project on one of the topics in the book.

blue-pencil-hi.png 5th grade: is working through a unit on James and the Giant Peach.

blue-pencil-hi.pngPlease email me with any questions. All homework is posted on the intermediate and junior high homework calendars.

Students should read 3 days out of 7. They need to fill out each journal entry with the date, title, a one sentence comment
about what they read, and the number of minutes (at least 20) they read.

Online Review Sites for Spelling & Vocabulary

blue-pencil-hi.png5th Grade Vocabulary Quizlet: Join Link

blue-pencil-hi.png6th Grade Vocabulary Quizlet: Join Link
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blue-pencil-hi.png8th Grade Vocabulary Quizlet: Join Link

blue-pencil-hi.png7th Grade Vocabulary Quizlet: Join Link

blue-pencil-hi.png7th Grade Religion Facts Quizlet: Join Link

blue-pencil-hi.pngSpelling City for 5-8th Grades: https://www.spellingcity.com/bmb43040/

ILA includes Spelling/Vocabulary, Writing, Reading and Grammar

Curriculum can be found on the Diocesan website: www.hbgdiocese.org

PLEASE review the Junior High Handbook found on the school website!!: Junior High Handbook

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7th Grade Specials
Monday - Spanish, Computer

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Gym, Second Step (Guidance)

Thursday - Music

Friday - Spanish, STEM

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Helpful Links

7th Grade New Testament Song (Starts at 1:15)

Books of the Bible

8th Grade - To This Day, Spoken Word Poem by Shane Koyzcan
To This Day

5,6,7,8 - MLA Format Help
Purdue Owl

Anne Frank Webquest


Fever Internet Workshop


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